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Pavel Aleksandrovich Belov

PhD, Doctor of Science

Yuri Semenovich Kivshar

Distinguished Professor

Направления исследований

  • Compensation of losses in metamaterials
  • Wire metamaterials and its application in MRI
  • All-Dielectric Optical Nanoantennas
  • Development of a software system for supercomputer simulation of nanophotonics components and circuits using FDTD
  • Spontaneous radiation of a finite-size dipole emitter in hyperbolic media
  • Double-shell metamaterial coatings for plasmonic cloaking
  • Optically-controllable magnetic metamaterials
  • Nanoantennas in photovoltaics: improving the efficiency of thin-film solar cells
  • Superlens with sloped faces
  • Flexible Helices for Nonlinear Metamaterials
  • Subwavelength plasmonic kinks, solitons and oscillons in arrays of nonlinear metallic nanoparticles

Alexey Alexeevich Bobtsov

Professor, PhD

Romeo Ortega


Направления исследований

  • Development of new methods of adaptive control of linear and nonlinear dynamical systems under external disturbances and unrecorded dynamics
  • Synthesis methods of investigation and control of oscillatory processes in nonlinear dynamical systems
  • Adaptive compensation of sinusoidal perturbations in mechatronic systems
  • Biotechnology research development and management system robotic systems
  • Identification of the parameters of the harmonic signal under external perturbations
  • Development of control algorithms for mechatronic and robotic systems under conditions of incomplete information about the parameters of the object and operational environment
  • Trajectory control of robotic systems under constraints and uncertainties
  • Qualitative methodology for applying sustainability in the design of digital systems with concentrated and distributed parameters
  • Experimental studies of nonlinear phenomena of hysteresis and intermittency in the dynamics of pulsed DC converters
  • Experimental studies of zones of uncertainty state pulsed DC converters in the vicinity of the bifurcation point
  • Control and evaluation of distributed systems with information constraints
  • Nonlinear and adaptive control of dynamic objects with restricted control input

Vadim Pavlovich Veiko

full professor, Doctor of Science

Gleb Valerevich Vdovin


Dmitrii Sergeevich Ivanov


Направления исследований

  • Laser radiation impact on films and laser thermochemistry (laser vaporization of TMF, TMF oxidation, metals and alloys surface oxidation) aimed to record diffractive elements, color marking and record of the interferometric patterns
  • Laser modification of glass-ceramic materials structure (photosensitive glasses, porous glasses, quartz glasses etc.) for development of new elements of photonics, microfluidics, sensors, etc.
  • Laser modification of silicon and silicon-oxide structure (creation of nanocomposite Si-SiO2, nano-MOS structures, surface periodic structureы (SPS), etc.)
  • Laser ablation (selective treatment, surface spectroscopy, ablation under liquid layer, optoacoustic, laser pinning, nanoparticles formation, etc.)

International laboratory "SCA Research Lab"

Andrei Valerevich Gurtov


Направления исследований

  • Investigation of attacks on modern and prospective crypto devices, systems, information security monitoring, multi-agent systems and the development of methods and algorithms to improve the reliability of modern devices
  • Identification of vulnerabilities of modern crypto devices, communication devices, IB monitoring systems that allow to realize the impact on software and algorithms
  • Development of methods and techniques of detection, neutralization and counteraction to side channel attacks
  • The models and methods of multi-agent cyber-physical systems based on the principles of the decentralized multi-agent management
  • Creation of the scientific methodological apparatus which uses decisions based on the correcting errors codes and other perspective methods of protection of crypto devices and identifying devices from side channel attacks

Sergei Arkadevich Kozlov

Professor, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences

Ksi Cheng Zhang

Направления исследований

  • Femtosecond optics and femtotehnologies
  • Quantum Informatics
  • Terahertz Biomedicine
  • Digital and Display Holography

Iurii Nikolaevich Matveev

Dr. Sci. Tech. (Habil.)

Wolfgang Manfred Minker

Направления исследований

  • Natural Man-Machine Communication
  • Multimodal Biometric Systems
  • Acoustic event recognition

Dmitry Mouromtsev

Docent, Ph.D.

Peter Haase

Lead researcher, PhD (Technical)

Направления исследований

  • Semantic Web of Things
  • Linked (Open) Data and Knowledge Graphs
  • Data Integration and Ontology Data Access
  • Semantic and Cognitive Analysis of Context-Sensitive Data in Medicine
  • Semantic Technologies for Ontology Population and Deep Natural Language Processing

Seppo Khonkanen

Professor, Doctor of Science

Nikolai Valentinovich Nikonorov

Professor, Doctor of Science

Alexander Iurevich Petrov


Направления исследований

  • Dye-doped nanoparticles composed of chelate complexes
  • Advanced ion-exchangeable materials
  • Controlling the luminescent properties of silver-containing glasses by means of laser and UV processing
  • Study of the formation and self-organization of silver nanoparticles on the surface and in the volume of glasses, including nanoporous glasses
  • Study of the formation of nanoparticles of alkali and alkaline-earth metals in crystals and glasses under electron irradiation
  • Study of the formation of metallic and semiconductor nanostructures in the volume of nanoporous glasses

Mayya Valerevna Uspenskaya

Professor, Dr. Sci. Chem..

Andrei Vilkhovich Kaiava

Professor, PhD

Направления исследований

  • The main research topics of the Institute are
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Modeling of macromolecules and biosystems
  • Biodegradable and resorbable materials
  • Drug Delivery
  • Cell Engineering
  • Creation of materials for sanitary purposes
  • Nanomedicine
  • Biosensors
  • Biotechnology
  • BioChemical Engineering
  • The creation of artificial organs
  • Smart materials

Anatolii Valentinovich Fedorov

Professor, PhD, Doctor of Science in Optics

Iurii Kuzmich Gunko

professor, PhD

Направления исследований

  • Theory and modelling of semiconductor, dielectric, and metallic nanostructures
  • Research and development of nanomaterials, nanostructures, micro- and nanodevices

Kharri Kalevi Lipsanen

Doctor of Technology

Направления исследований

  • Modeling and optimization of LED materials structural properties
  • Study of the heat transfer of LED lamps
  • UV integrated COB assembly
  • Substrates based on single crystals of gallium oxide
  • Advanced materials with unique optical and thermal properties for a new generation of solid state light sources for replacement of conventional phosphors (composite materials, carbon-based nanostructures, transparent oxides)
  • New nanostructured metallic conductors for wires and cables with increased conductivity and improved strength characteristics
  • Construction of theoretical models describing the micro-mechanics of defects behavior and physical mechanisms of structure formation, relaxation of residual stresses and plastic deformation in composite nanostructures and bulk nanomaterials

Ryszard Stzheletcki

Направления исследований

  • High precision electrical and electromechanical systems for rotary support of precision quantum-optical systems
  • Power efficient convertor for electric drive with two-way power exchange possibility
  • Contactless energy transfer systems

Evgeny A. Viktorov

Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences

Guillaume Huyet

Направления исследований

  • High-stable laser systems based on mode-locked lasers
  • Laser remote sensing and monitoring
  • Quantum dots semiconductor laser sources
  • Laser sources for dentistry
  • Compact eye-safe solid-state lasers

Vladimir Glebovich Parfenov

Professor, Doctor of Science

Valerii Vladimirovich Viatkin

Направления исследований

  • Bioinformatics
  • Programming technologies
  • Evolutionary Computation

Nikolai Nikolaevich Rozanov

Professor, Doctor of Phys.&Math. Sci.

Boris Malomed

Направления исследований

  • Theory of resonance interaction of high-molecular weight structures with laser radiation
  • Optical power limiting in carbon nanotubes suspensions
  • Lasing of Coupled Spasers
  • Interaction of ultra-strong laser fields with plasmas, generation of extremely short X-ray pulses, laser acceleration of electrons and ions
  • Waves and solitons in dynamical cavities
  • Nonlinear optical phenomena in lasers. Generation of few cycle pulses

International laboratory "Nonlocalized plasma in nanotechnology and medicine"

Aleksandr Sergeevich Chirtcov

Docent, PhD

Vladimir Ivanovich Demidov


Направления исследований

  • Study of parameters of nonlocal plasma modified short gas DC discharge with hot cathode
  • Plasma-chemical simulation of discharges in gases SF6 и O2
  • Studying of features of the drift of particles in the plasma due to specific functions of the electron energy distribution in a nonlocal plasma
  • Simulation of discharge using analytical methods
  • The development of methods of electronic collision spectroscopy
  • Creating an algorithm and means to build a semi-empirical one-electron wave functions of multy-electron atoms with a net of self-consistent field of the atomic core

Petrus Mariia Arnoldus Sloot

Направления исследований

  • 00.77.00 Modeling and simulation in the humanities and social sciences
  • 04.21.71 Social planning and forecasting
  • 20.23.27 Geographic Information Systems
  • 20.15.05 Information services, networks, systems in general
  • 26.00.00 Complex problems of Social Sciences
  • 27.03.66 Mathematical structures. Model theory
  • 27.35.00 Mathematical models of the natural sciences and engineering. Equations of mathematical physics
  • 27.35.33 Mathematical models
  • 28.29.03 Utility theory and decision-making
  • 28.29.00 System analysis
  • 28.23.13 Knowledge Engineering
  • 28.19.31 Systems identification
  • 28.19.27 Self-organizing systems
  • 27.47.23 Mathematical problems of artificial intelligence
  • 28.17.33 Computer simulation of reality. Virtual reality.

Vladimir Valentinovich Vinogradov


David Avnir


Направления исследований

  • Sol - gel materials for biochemical engineering
  • New sol - gel materials for semiconductor technology
  • Functionalized nanoparticles and highly porous materials
  • Low temperature sol - gel synthesis

Khartmut Bartelt

Professor, Dr

Направления исследований

  • The periodical phase structures writing into optical fibers through the protective coating
  • Development and investigation of the silicon light guides properties
  • Technology of the fiber couplers for integral optical circuits
  • Development of the fiber optic systems for monitoring
  • Development of the writing techniques of the fiber Bragg gratings during the optical fiber drawing process
  • Development of the photorefractive optical anisotropic quartz fibers technology

Alexandr Viktorovich Smirnov


Kurt Sandkuhl

Prof. Dr.

Направления исследований

  • Models, methodologies, and theories of socio-cyberphysical systems
  • Components, behaviour and interaction models
  • Innovative application scenarios

Oleg Andreevich Stepanov

Professor, D.Sc. in Engineering (Russian Scientific Degree "Doctor of Technical Sciences")

Gert Franz Trommer

Director, Professor, Ph.D

Направления исследований

  • Improved methods for navigation data fusion
  • Development of Small-Sized INS/GNSS Orientation and Navigation Systems for Various Types of Vehicles and Robotic Devices
  • Development of methods for designing small-sized systems for individual navigation and guidance
  • GNSS user equipment improvement
  • Development of Sensitive Elements of Navigation Systems Using Advanced Computer Technologies

Irina Valerevna Melchakova


Cornelis A.T. van den Berg

Направления исследований

  • Metasurfaces and resonators for improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio and image resolution for MRI
  • Metasurfaces for decoupling of closely-spaced elements of multi-channel coils for ultra-highfield MRI

International Laboratory of Trace Elements Metabolism

Liudmila Valentinovna Puchkova

Massimo Brodzhini

Направления исследований

  • Research of the nanoparticles containing microcells

Elena Nikolaevna Grineva

Alexey Petrovich Popov

Направления исследований

  • Development of methods of THz IR diagnosis and treatment of cerebral ischemia
  • Development of methods of THz low- and non-invasive diagnosis of diabetes
  • Development of new THz methods of early non-invasive and intraoperative diagnosis of malignant neoplasms
  • Development of methods for THz-IR therapy for tissue regeneration

A. Yu. Egorov

Направления исследований

  • Physics and technology of high-speed semiconductor optoelectronic component base

Alexander Sergeevich Shalin

Pavel Borisovich Ginzburg

Направления исследований

  • Optomechanics and Optical Manipulation
  • Nano-robototechnics
  • Optics of Metamaterials and Metasurfaces
  • Optical Invisibility
  • All-dielectric Nano-photonics
  • Nonlinear Optics

Ivan Vladimirovich Iorsh

Ivan A Shelykh

Направления исследований

  • Investigation of spin-related phenomena in polariton transport
  • Indirect excitons and dipolaritons
  • Hybrid polariton-electron systems
  • Transport properties of dressed electrons in low dimensional systems
  • Design of novel functional optical materials based on fullerenes and atomic nano-clusters
  • Advanced Materials for Quantum Information Processing, Storage and Computing

International Laboratory "Urban Informatics"

Sergei Vladimirovich Ivanov

Michael Harold Lees

Sergei L'vovich Molodtsov

Направления исследований

  • The purpose of research is to develop new methods of studying the structure and functional properties of nanosystems with high spatial, energy and time resolution using a set of methods, including X-ray Free Electron Laser (european and other facilities of XFEL).

Pavel Viktorovich Bulat


Konstantin Nikolaevich Volkov

Направления исследований

  • Non-contact gas bearings, oil-free mechatronic components and transmissions
  • The detonation jet engines

Направления исследований

  • Investigation of lighting enviroment of evening city
  • Lighting pollution and enviroment
  • Lighting navigation
  • Psychophysiology of visual perception

Emilia Fridman

Направления исследований

  • The solution of fundamental problems of control of multi-agent, distributed and networked systems with application in infrormatsionno and communication, electricity and unmanned technologies

Направления исследований

  • Development of functional materials for solid state power converters
  • Development of highly efficient thermoelectrics based on nanostructures